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Humanities & Social Sciences


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Updated: 08 November 2013

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) is one of the two colleges that evolved out of the first undergraduate unit of UP in Mindanao, the College of Arts and Sciences. Its initial undergraduate offerings were BA English (Creative Writing) and BA Social Science (Behavioral Science). The first program was adopted from UP Diliman, the other from UP Manila. When Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) was placed under its administration, it became its first and only graduate offering. (It is now under the School of Management).

There are three original departments and a new fourth department in the CHSS: Department of Humanities, Department of Social Sciences, Department of Human Kinetics, and the Department of Architecture created in 2012.

The college has highly-qualified faculty members who are either Ph.D., Master of Fine Arts (MFA), MS/MA holders, or who are currently pursuing their postgraduate degrees. The research or creative output of the CHSS faculty is reflected in the professorial lectures or artistic productions that they have delivered and in their completed and on-going researches and creative works. The college also contributes to extension services through the faculty members who act as resource persons, paper readers, tutors, convenors or participants in different activities where their expertise is tapped.

The UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble is the resident company of the University, attached to the Department of Human Kinetics.

The CHSS is presently headed by Dean Maria Stella R. Salazar whose term is from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016.